Thursday, January 5, 2012

" B " Best

Every season in the UAAP new discoveries and names will be unfold and hopes to become the future superstars in the collegiate volleyball competition. After parading 11 rookies last season 73, the FEU Lady Tams has shown talented prospects as well as players who already carved their names as volleybelles to watch out for in every game. One of the 11 rookies who have proven her power in the open hitter position is RoseMarie Vargas, this sophomore Olongapo native has been spectacular in every game. Power hits and tenacious defense has been her specialty. She was even named as one of the most powerful spikers this season. But in the game of volleyball, its not a one-woman show, it has to be a team effort. To back up this young powerful spiker, the Lady Tams has brought this season Improving Sophomore Marie Toni Basas and Neophytes Setter/ Spiker Mary Rose Baniel and Open Hitter Richelle Ma. Winonah Bagang.

Marie Toni "MaiMai" Basas

Last season 73 she was actually part of the starting six in their opening game against National University, but Marie Toni was replaced by Danna Henson in the open hitter position. For almost the entire season, she was benched by the coaching staff, the last game she was put in was their last game versus the University of the Philippines where in she scored the last point to end their season 73.

After one year, MaiMai showed a lot of improvement in every game. After donning jersey number 16 last season, she switched up her jersey to number 4 this year. This Tacloban native is now back to her role as the wing hitter in the left side. But not all was satisfied by her performance, a lot of fans posted that she shouldn't be part of the starting 6 of the Lady Tams. But MaiMai slowly but surely is improving in every game. With that high leap, fast serve and long spikes, this sophomore is yet to proved that she is indeed a girl to watch out for in the coming games.

One of the most memorable plays she had was when she gave Ateneo's libero a facial and everyone including her teammates was wowed by her court sense.

Mary Rose "Bicol" Baniel

Wearing jersey number 11 this season is Mary Rose Baniel, who originally came from the Bicol Region. This young rookie was already hype last season but because she needed to have residency first, she was sit out fro the roster. Bicol, as how her teammates call her, reminds the FEU community of a young Wendy Anne Semana, not that tall but has the ability to spike as well as set the ball to her teammates.

After the early exit of Maica Morada, Bicol has earned her starting position as the utility spiker, replacing the original utility hitter in Mayjorie Roxas, who was turned as middle hitter. There are games that she played well, but there were also game that she was sporadic with her points. But nevertheless, this talented neophyte is still in the learning process, and improvement is very soon to come. With every game she is put on, she has proven that she is a thinking player and more mature compared to other rookies.

What's impressive about Bicol is that she always raise her hands to block the opponents and one of her offensive blocks was when she denied Mayette Zapanta and seal-off the second set to give FEU a 2-0 lead.

Richelle Ma. Winonah Bagang

Winonah, a Pampangena, is also a rookie to watch out for. Her first appearance on the taraflex floor was in their first game this season against University of the East. She replaced Basas at the late part of the second set and this girl showed that she can definitely spike that Mikasa ball. Winonah scored a couple of points just in the second set and delivered the last point to give FEU 2-0 lead against the Lady Warriors.

She may not be as tall as the other starting six, but what's impressive with her is that when she is put on to play, she will deliver the points in any ways. With experience coming her way, Winonah will surely get that starting line-up position and will stun us in her every attacks.


Get To Know Them More:

Name: Marie Tonie Torres Basas
Nickname: MaiMai
Birthdate: September 6, 1993
Hometown: Tacloban City
High School: Eastern Visayas State University
Jersey Number: 4
Position: Open Hitter
Playing Year: 2nd


Name: Mary Rose Zabala Baniel
Nickname: Bicol
Birthdate: November 10, 1991
Hometown: Sipocot, Camarines Sur
High School: Sipocot National High School
Jersey Number: 11
Position: Utility Spiker
Playing Year: 1st


Name: Richelle Ma. Winonah Bagang
Nicknames:Winonah/ Winz/ Ching
Birthdate: November 29, 1993
Hometown: Floridablanca, Pampanga
High School:St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga
Jersey Number: 6
Position: Open Hitter
Playing Year: 1st